Performance Management

Performance Management for Managers

This course equips participants with knowledge and skills to review the performance of subordinates, providing as well as receiving feedback through a well managed open performance appraisal interview.

Organisations today face new challenges posed by a wider spectrum of operations and requirements. With these challenges, it is crucial that leaders be equipped with skills to lead, facilitate and accelerate the learning and development of their subordinates and teams.

Many supervisors and managers dread conducting performance appraisal interviews more than anything else. Some see it as an end of term report, telling people how they have done and it can be a ritual rebuking session. But if done properly, it can be an enriching and rewarding experience, where you do more listening than talking, and getting your staff to reflect on their performance and how to improve.

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Performance Management for Individuals

This course helps participants to acquire knowledge and skills to effectively manage their performance as Appraisees, how to prepare for an effective Appraisal Review Meeting and be equipped to respond to the challenges of human capital in the context of the performance management framework.

Performance management is an ongoing process to enable an individual to understand his or her performance at work as well as better manage their own performances. No matter how good the performance review system and performance management process, if you the Appraisee do not know the part you have to play, there’s a good chance you will not benefit from it.

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